The Tudors

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Theatre Exchange: The Tudors

This workshop explores the characteristic features of the Tudor period and its legacy in the South East and the UK as a whole, from the death of Henry VII to the end of Elizabeth’s reign.


Example workshop layout for the Tudors:

0 - 15 minutes

The children are treated as actors and begin by warming up their bodies and minds. They the use their imaginations to create various aspects of Tudor life that will be explored in further detail throughout the workshop.

15 - 20 minutes

Led by the actors, the children will share their knowledge of the period in topics such as religion, health, entertainments and home life.

20 - 50 minutes

Henry VIII
Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. The actors lead the children in a comedic jaunt through the six wives of Henry VIII.

Catherine of Aragon
The actors perform, with the help of a young child as Mary, a scene looking at the reasons behind the divorce, the emotions on both sides and the profound effect it had on their 12 year old daughter.

The Break of Rome
The Palace at Greenwich is created, the children must, using both factual and emotional knowledge, decided King or Pop, and face the consequences of their choices.

Thomas More
The actors perform a scene between Thomas More and his daughter, showing both the reasoning and the effect of the divorce upon his family.

50 - 85 minutes

The Tudor Town
The children create a Tudor street with the shop keepers, tavern, barber-surgeon, town crier, day watchmen and priest. However, all is not as it should be... The disease, death and harsh conditions in the town must have an origin, which has to be rooted out!

85 - 95 minutes

The Travelling Players
Together with three children, one of the actors creates a troupe of travelling players who arrive at the village and through a tale of love, dishonour and death, highlight the acting style of the time and Tudor attitudes towards entertainments and leisure.

95 - 120 minutes

The children create the court of Elizabeth in the year 1587. Using their own knowledge, supplied information and imagination, the children bring Elizabeth's court to life. Tudor foods, fashions and the changing world with new explorations and discoveries are examined. But all is not food and laughter... when news is brought concerning the traitorous Mary Queen of Scots, Elizabeth and her courtiers must choose England's path. The workshop finishes with a recap on what the children have created and experienced during the session.

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