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Theatre Exchange: Invaders

Invaders in Britain

This series of workshops looks at the impact caused by the movement and settlement of people arriving in Britain at different stages through our history. We explore the invasion and settlement of the Romans, the Saxons and the Vikings, discovering the different social, political and religious changes they brought, both locally and nationally.

This workshop explores:

  • The formation of the city of Rome and its development into an empire
  • The Celts including Boudicca, their life in Britain before the Romans arrived
  • The social and technical advances the Romans brought and left 


Saxons / Vikings

This workshop can be varied to suit your programme of study; focusing on either a Saxon or Viking perspective. This workshop explores:

  • The social hierarchy and life in a Saxon / Viking village
  • Housing, leisure time, beliefs and making comparisons with how we live today
  • Pagan Gods, worship and the conversion to Christianity
  • The Viking raids and the role of the Viking warrior
  • The legacy of the Saxons and the Vikings 


This workshop explores:

  • The key elements and events of all three different stages of our history
  • Highlights the changes to life in Britain over an 800 year period and how our current lives are flavoured by these new settlers and key events

Invaders day adventure!

For a special experience, our practitioners can lead pupils through the world of Romans, Saxons and Vikings, all in just one school day! Join our practitioners on a quest to discover more! 

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